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Life Fields

Biosynthesis means “integration of life” and the word psychotherapy comes from the Greek meaning “to heal the soul”. Biosynthesis encompasses the Man as multidimensional being incorporated in a complex set of life fields experience and expressions.Life fields of experience

These life fields must be exhibited in two different forms at the same time: as a closed and open system within a person.

The closed system causes character problems, physical inhibitions and spiritual contradictions.

The opened system is our vital energy vessel and reflects the personal qualities that boost us both in psychic level and into the search for contact with others.

The “Life Fields Diagram” shows us the seven basic therapeutic working areas and a broad spectrum of working methods.

Each one of the six external segments of the diagram describes a Life Field. The closed fields are in the Outside Ring and the opened ones are in the Central Ring. The Middle Ring is closely linked with the center and represents the path we can take to achieve the “Essence”.

The art of Biosynthesis therapy seeks to overcome the External Ring inhibitions, starting with the most easily accessible segment in order to reach the Middle Ring and trigger the cure from there, leading us to our true “Essence”.

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