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Biosynthesis has a wide-ranging application basis that can complement other health care techniques, regarding interpersonal relationships and personal growth. Therefore it can be implemented in several working areas such as psychology, medicine, nursing, teaching and social assistance work. It is also considered a very useful social tool to evaluate and to take care of interpersonal businesses’ problems.

Some of the main implementation areas:

Psychologists and Psychology and Psychotherapy Students

Biosynthesis has a holistic view of the human being. The mind is not treated separately from the body - the treatment of one implies the other and both the symptoms and the tools to manage them, involve the totality of the human being essence. On the other hand, the therapist can be and must be prepared to cope with his patient’s relationship without significant toil.

Doctors and Medical Students

Patients are seen in their singularity as individuals with particular and unique life stories, capable of triggering symptoms and health status degradation, including the treatment failure. It is settled a wider view of the patient and the professional who treats him. Thus the caregiver must understand his own energetic and mental resources as well as his own limitations.

Nurses and Nursing Students

The understandings of treatment techniques and patients’ monitoring conducts will help health care professionals to improve their role performance. At the same time, the bonds created between health care professional pairs must be also taking care of in order to get a better professional accomplishment. The same should be done in an individual level, managing their personal lives.


Along the way Teachers and Educational Assistants have been confronted with emergent requirements that go far beyond their usual task of teaching and diffusing information. In fact, nowadays the Teacher is seen as a substitute for the absent parents. These demands do call for new approaches and techniques concerning useful tools in the psychology and psychotherapy fields, both for classroom application and Teacher interior growth in his personal and professional development.

Social Workers and Related

The contact with people who need to be taken care of requires more than one simple material approach of palliative treatments or assets. The urgency of personal demands is most often the expression of ancient injuries that need special attention and specific resources which are available throughout Biosynthesis by the management and pain relief of human beings.

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