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What is Biosynthesis?

Biosynthesis means “integration of life”. It is a pre- and perinatal psychology, a somatic and transpersonal psychotherapy that emphasizes the human be­ing in the interaction and integration of his multidimensional aspects.

The individual is recognized as the result of a unique formative life process in his own quality to express interior desires, needs, dreams, beliefs, personal history, family system, professional relationships and spirituality. Biosynthesis is a method of self-development and self-formation with wide-ranging bio-social basis and potential applications in many other areas of society besides the clinic.

Biosynthesis was founded over 30 years ago by the English psychotherapist Dr. David Boadella. It continues to be improved and developed today in theory and in vast multiplicity of practical applications by the International Institute for Biosynthesis (IIBS) and the International Community in more than 20 different countries worldwide.

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