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The 12 Main Themes

I- Founding

It emphasizes our body roots and our attitudes toward time, space, energy and money. The major learning contents are holding designs in the body, its polarity tendencies and impulse movement qualities.

- Life Foundation.

- Morphology Basis.

- Life Streams.

- Embryogenesis and Development Processes – the way we connect ourselves with life in terms of time and space.



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II - Grounding

It emphasizes the Energetic Root Center (Root Chakra) and the spine as the basis of autonomy, as well as the difference between the trends of grounded and under-grounded character. The main learning contents are the understanding of Motoric Fields as developmental patterns of movement, expressive gesture and affecto-motoric schemes.

- Roots: where do I come from; what is my personal and familial background.

- Relationship with my own body – Motoric Fields: impulse qualities. Skeletal muscle nervous systems information: Alfa System, cortical; Gamma System, vegetative.

- Relationship with gravity. Character polarities.

- Energetic Root Center working structure at the lower spine.



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III- Centering

It emphasizes the Energetic Lower-Abdomen Center (Hara Chakra) and the pre- and perinatal aspects of experience, womb life, birthing process and helps clients with birth or prenatal traumas. The main learning contents are the working procedure of breathing patterns, hyper- and hypoventilation. Character principals: the schizo-hysterical schism as a result of polarity distortion between containment and release.

- Birth – navel, pregnancy: our history.

- Birth resonance in the body.

- Reorganization of our birth history – the way we live our transitional periods of life.

- Birth working structure.



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IV- Holding

It emphasizes the Energetic Throat Center (Throat Chakra) and the Oral character tendencies. It talks about the first year of life, health needs and addiction patterns. Biosynthesis Principles regarding the elements of touch as a specific form of healthy nourishment are the most important learning points.

- The Abandoned Child: Symbiotic Withdrawal. Oral Character.

-  Stage of Support. Paranoid Disorder. Depression.

- Between Heart and Throat – Nutrition and addiction.

- Needs. Embryological view of Nutrition.

- Heart weaknesses, patterns of addiction.

- Working structure concerning the four elements of touch: Earth-Solidity; Water-Flow; Air-Breath; Fire-Sexuality, Vitality.



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V- Bounding

It emphasizes the Energetic Diaphragm Center (Solar Plexus Chakra) and the sympathetic system emotions of anger and anxiety regarding the movement patterns of constructive aggression and constructive self-defense or the search for safety. Character aspects of power as in masochism and psychopathy are also very significant learning contents.

- The Defeated Child: Social Masochism and Schemes of Self-Depreciation.

- Exploration Stage. Character polarities: Masochistic and Psychopathic; Obsession and Compulsion.

- Boundaries – how do I protect myself. Victim-Carrasco; Anger-Fear.

- Energetic Diaphragm Center working structure.




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VI- Charging

It emphasizes the Energetic Sexual Center (Hara Chakra) and the body pleasure pulsations. It works the constrictions in the pelvis and the maintenance of healthy Eros and sexuality. The somatic basis of clients’ sexual problems is also a fundamental training topic.

- The Exploited Child: Hysterical Defenses and Histrionic Personality.

- The Charge and the role of sexuality in my life.

- Sexuality development.

-  Oedipal standards. Energetic charge and polarities: hyper-sexuality, hypo-sexuality, incest.

- Energetic Lower-Abdomen Center working structure – Sexuality.



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VII- Bonding

It emphasizes the heart as the center of a love relationship on the cooperation outlines in partnerships (as an opposition to the symbiotic collusion and the destructive collisions). The central focus of this learning unit goes to the energetic charge of the arms as channels of expression and contact. It works also the hyper-active and hypo-active character aspects of relationships.

- Communication Stage: Hysterical Character; Phallic-Narcissistic Character; Passive-Feminine Male Character; Masculine-Aggressive Female Character.

- Energetic Heart Center: Bonds and Links – how to drive the energy towards the heart.

- Finding the balance between being together and being apart.

- Energetic Heart Center working structure (Heart Chakra).



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VIII- Sounding

It emphasizes the voice, the earing and the Energetic Throat Center (Throat Chakra). Primary learning subjects: patterns of clear communication in language and its disruptions. It is a way to help not only over-rational clients but also those who have difficulty finding words to express their experiences.

- Expression and communication.

- Energetic Throat Center. Exploratory language – explanatory language.

- Energetic functions of the voice.  Language and Character.

- Energetic Throat Center working structure.



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IX- Facing

It emphasizes the inside and outside contemplation, the eye contact and the vision, including the pineal gland. It provides the therapeutic work on the eye blockage and the means to transform restrictive imagination to creative one. The methods to establish grounding imagery in the body and in movement as well as security are also significant learning points.

- Narcissistic Patterns. Clearness and Confusion. Vision and Contact.

- Energetic Pineal Gland Center (Third Eye Chakra). Spirituality and Mysticism.

- Internal creative image – emotional clarity.

- Individual and collective mind (logical view).

- Eyes and Pineal Gland working structure.



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X- Crowning

It emphasizes the Energetic Midbrain Center (Crown Chakra) as a gate between personal and transpersonal existence. It works on healthy spirituality as opposed to pseudo-spiritual misleads from the body and on the resources and qualities of the essence. It is also provided a look at the attitudes towards death.

- Essence's development.

- Contact with the higher consciousness.

- Structured diary.

- Energetic Midbrain Center – my life’s direction: between birth and death; relationship with spirituality and death.

- Energetic Midbrain Center working structure.



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XI- Shaping-Forming

It is an extension of the previous theme on studying the disorders of the Energetic Midbrain Center integration functions in psychosis. It emphasizes the traumatic states and border conditions (“borderline”).

- Shape and Form.

- World Therapy Practice, diagnostics, specific labor problems, professional subjects.

- Quality in therapist-client relationship (bonding types).



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XII- Closing Processes 

It emphasizes the application fields of Biosynthesis in private and clinical practice, as well as in other areas such as the work with children or social interventions. It includes character aspects of transition and farewell processes and works with the resources in harvesting and caring. “New Beginnings”.

- Training Conclusion.

- Evaluation.

- Characterlogical form of farewell.

- How to close processes differently.



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Temas adicionais


Life Sceneries: Patterns of experience

- Dreams, visions. “Long Body”. Working with Dreams: what are my dreams, what is my vision of the world.

- Images of the Past. A place for art, poetry and music: how can I make my dreams “dance”.

- Myths and Archetypes.



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Life Lines: Relationships network

- Interpersonal dimension.

- Family Sculpture.

- The link between development and growth.

- The spiritual level in relationships.



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- The shock of trauma and abuse molestation.

- Person disintegration (freezing, paralysis, depression versus hyperactivity).

- Working with motoric fields, elements of touch and language as a way to overcome the shock.

- Turning duality into polarity.

- New strategies of development to deal with life difficulties from compulsive regression to creative progression.

- Balance the information and energy flow between embryological layers to integrate the self-disintegrated aspects.

- Neuroscience and trauma subjects’ research.



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Scientific and Philosophical Founding

- A Review of Philosophical and Scientific Thoughts: since Pythagoras till David Bohm.

- The Scientific Methodology of Body Psychotherapy.

- Complexity, Morphic Fields.

- Intentionality, Intentional Fields.

- The Cognitive Focus of Body Psychotherapy.

- Knowledge, Life and Creativity.

- Autopoiesis.



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